Travelogue in Brief

11 Days, 7 hours, a handful of minutes
4,114 miles (6620.841 km)   –  give or take a side trip or two
Mostly southern route from coast to coast, corner to corner – see map

It took a day to get through Florida  (very long state) – then on through Alabama (best rest stops) – Louisiana (detour through New Orléans: big city, lots of traffic) – Texas (choose your speed) – Oklahoma (was there something significant here?) – Texas (again!) – New Mexico (oh, the sky!) – Arizona (vast and open, painted desert, whoops…. snow!) – California (Mohave Desert – too vast to photograph) – California (Barstow to Lodi: ugh, yuck, and worst restrooms ever) – California (wine country, much better vibes, Sonoma gave us the Best Breakfast of the trip) – California Coast (Pacific Ocean, beach front motel) – Oregon Coast (beautiful, rugged, nothing like it) – then inland over to the Oregon I5 corridor to (finally) Washington State where it snowed ONLY in Olympia, our destination.

You can see a few photos from the trip here.  If you have never driven across our beautiful country, do it.  Everyone needs to take the drive at least once,  and several times if you want to do the southern, middle, and northern routes.  What a beautiful country we live in! It is good to escape the cities and see the vastness of natural beauty:  deserts and rain forests, snowstorms and white sandy beaches,  mountains and valleys,  rain and dry, cracked old mudflats….  how can you not be amazed at the beauty in this world?!  People from all walks of life ~ all connected in this country, by this earth.  Diverse and immense, this is our land.

I wonder: If more people took the time to step out of daily dramas and explored this land, would we learn to honor and take better care of our earth?

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