The Blog Author

Begin, and lives are transformed.  That’s what the sign said.

(and the walls came crashing down)

Begin anything, and transformation happens. Life Shifts, changes, evolves.  Believe in Now.  Be.  Willing.

… to connect and serve
… to live life, unabashedly
… to fly with the wind and walk barefoot on sacred ground
… to Live an Extraordinary Life

(and so, therefore)


perpetual student … evolving yogini … amateur human

Things I Do

~ connect ~ teach ~ write ~ thai massage ~ yoga ~ eat fresh (local, organic, mostly vegan – does that make me a cliché?) ~ travel ~ look closely ~ listen deeply ~ love life ~ live with integrity

And The Mundane Details:

  • I am called Amy, and am sometimes known as the jazcat or sabaiyogini online
  • Home as location is still to be defined; home as practice is where my heart is, where my yoga mat is, and where my meditations take me
  • I am married to my soul mate and friend jb
  • I have a dog named Kona (who often shows up in photos) and cats Deuce, Gryphon, and Goobers
  • By profession, I am licensed as a massage therapist, and I occasionally teach yoga, but a new life is emerging now
  • I Am writer ~ hence the blog as practice  🙂
  • I Am practicing Bodhisattva, my life is service

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