On the Road Again

Snapshots of a winter in South Florida:

pink hibiscus blossomGreen, lush growth.  Sun.  Neem trees.  Waving palm trees. Flowering Cacti!!  Pink hibiscus and red wild roses. White lilies, and night-blooming jasmine.  Cold, gray days.

Mr BluejayMr. Bluejay claims ownership of the yard. Blackbirds sing to the sun.  Incessantly cooing turtle doves do the love dance. Little green finches splash in the bird bath.  Lizards race across the ground. Black Skimmer in a flock of gulls

Beach, sand, and ocean juxtapose with a tourist strip of boardwalk and bikes, restaurants and runners.  International voices.  Green market on the beach: organic produce.  Seagulls and a lone Black Skimmer.  Flocks of parrots.

Noise. Traffic.  Horns. Persistent city-ness.  Mindfulness.

Daily Yoga.

Sun Salutations
I have been here for most of the winter, helping to care for my sister.  There has been much to be grateful for here – friends and food, sun and garden, sharing and caring.  I found a wonderful Iyengar yoga studio – if ever you are near Hallandale in South Florida, I highly recommend the teachers at Yogarosa.  I took classes with Rosa and Marilyn: both excellent with a deep yoga understanding and, just as important, the ability to share it.  I learned much, come away changed, and am very grateful for the opportunity to have practiced with them.

Soon, Tanza and I will be driving across the country – corner to corner.  With a loaded Volvo and a spirit of adventure, we are planning to head out early Monday morning – Valentine’s Day.

Destination:  Olympia, Washington with a short stop-over in Carson City, Nevada.   Are we crazy?  Maybe.  The trip is likely to be challenging.  We will travel early in the day, stop mid-afternoons, and take plenty of breaks along the way. The southern route, I am told, is experiencing a warming trend.  This is good.  We will take with us plenty of food, music, smiles and (hopefully!) a sense of fun.  We travel on faith, love, and attitude ~ your thoughts and prayers for a gentle journey are most welcome!


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Back at it…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  Yikes, I just checked, and I haven’t made a proper post since New Year’s Day!   I haven’t completely disappeared – I’ve been busy over at A Yoga Year, trying to meet my post-a-day quota there.

Several times, I’ve had something in mind pushing at me, wanting to be written and posted over here on my personal blog, but I don’t know, I just let it go.  Somehow, the time gets away and I find myself with only a very limited time to sit down, be, and write what comes.

That’s life though.  There will always be something calling, distracting, needing immediate attention.  Which, really, is all the more reason to create time.  If we learn to create the time for what we need, then there will never be not enough, right?  (how’s that for a double negative?)  It’s really just about priorities, and focus.   If you want to do something, you just do it.  Time, like money, works itself out one way or another.

I know this: when times are tough, and life is too busy or too overwhelming, and it feels as if there is no time for ourselves – that’s when we need most to take the time, make the time, for the things that feed our spirit.  For me, there are 3 things that help keep me grounded and centered, no matter what is going on in my life:  Yoga, Meditation, and Writing.

So in the spirit of  “do-it-anyway” I am back.  I have decided to make more time for my personal blog.  To help me do that, I decided to add this blog to the WordPress post-a-week challenge.  If all goes well, and maybe even if it doesn’t, you can expect to see a weekly post here.

Consider yourself fairly warned.   😉

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