Argenton Les Vallees, France

Argenton River from the HouseMy room here faces east. The shutters wide open, I wake to the morning sun.  The window overlooks the Argenton river ~ small birds call and chatter and sing in greeting to the day. It is very peaceful here, a very small village with old homes and buildings. This house was built in the 1880s, and its old stone walls need repair in some areas. The floors creak, the doors open and close noisily, it has a sense of having been here for a very long time, holding many secrets, for many years.

There is a lovely artist’s loft on the top floor of the house ~ open windows and a skylight makes it a beautiful place for Tanza to paint.  The bottom floor is a small dance studio, or as I keep calling it, a yoga studio.  Paul put in  lovely wood floors a couple of years ago, and the space has doors that open out onto the terrace. The two levels in between the loft and the dance studio are the living areas.  Every room has wonderful long tall windows that open wide to the world, letting the sun and light and bird sounds fill the house.  I am told it gets very cold here in the winter, but for now, in August, it is beautiful, not hot, not cold, just a very comfortable temperature.  (Almost, it feels to me, coming from extremes of hot and cold, a neutral temperature.  Weather that just IS, without any drama.)

Argenton RiverThe Argenton river is slow and lazy, and lower than it should be for this time of year. It is a beautiful place to walk, with areas that say stop here, rest, meditate, feel the air, listen to the birds.  A walk uphill, away from the river takes you to the small village square, where, of course, there is une boulangerie.  Oui, j’aime croissants!

I haven’t been out much beyond the little village, as there is much to do here at the moment.  Last night, though, Paul and I took a ride over to a neighboring village to meet Tanza’s friend Martine.  She is really lovely, and an amazing artist.   I’ve also met, over the last couple of days, some really lovely people here in Argenton Les Vallees. It is good to know that Tanza is so well loved, and has a network of friends willing to “come ’round” to help however they can.

My yoga practice has been somewhat limited since I’ve been here, but I am making time for at least a short practice each day.  For one, my body craves it, and for two, it keeps me sane.  I treasure the moments of meditation, and am grateful for this gift that allows me to find my center, and to stay solid.

Tomorrow we leave Argenton Les Vallees and head to Copenhagen for 3 weeks.  If anyone is reading this, I ask simply for your good thoughts and prayers for a smooth journey…

One day at a time.

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  1. It sounds amazing. To be in a different place is always an adventure. Only beautiful thoughts are being sent your way. Also, love this site to keep in touch with you. You are missed.

    • Thanks Sharon – and I love hearing from you too!

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